This page contains information of Policies And Procedures for both current clients, new clients and potential clients, and its also outlines my practices.

Business Hours Available

MONDAY TO FRIDAY(9am to 4pm) UTC +1

Can also be reach via Email, Messaging and Telephone/Skype Calls during standard business hours.

Means Of Communication

Email is the preferred means of communication, However texting and messaging through SMS or Skype Calls is acceptable.

Skype Calls or Telephone Calls are always schedule in advance to avoid any possible interference.

I usually respond to emails within 24hrs for non urgent emails. For urgent emails, i respond to them as soon as i see them(please when sending this kind of email kindly include URGENT in the subject section).   

Chargeable Hours

Any services agreed upon, including telephone/Skype Calls (which will be schedule) will falls under chargeable hours.

However, any written communication such as Text Messages or Email will not be billed.

Programs And Softwares

I work with the following programs and software on a regular basis;

  • Dropbox(for cloud storage)
  • Clockify(for accurate time tracking)
  • Google docs and drive(for word processing and cloud storage)
  • Ms word and Excel(word processing and working on projects)

Most of these programs and software are suitable for sharing documents, Clients will never be charge for the use of these programs or software i choose to work with.

However, using a program or software the client recommend is always possible, provided the client will cover any chargeable fees for the use of the program or software.

Time Tracking

I use clockify for accurate time tracking. Time will be track from the very first minute to the closest minute. 

Monthly Retainer Package

Please kindly review the monthly retainer package;

  • 40hrs per month===>$300
  • 80hrs per month===>$700
  • 120hrs per month===>$1000
  • 160hrs per month===>$1300

N.B. The monthly package rate are been calculated by five days in a week and eight hours in a day.

Please kindly note that unused hours by the end of the month will not be carried over to the new month. However, it is possible for a client to request extra hours for a monthly package at a standard rate of $10 per hour, extra hours are only use when requested.

All clients are requested to provide a one month notice, if a change in numbers of hours are desired in a monthly package.

Status Updates

All clients will receive weekly updates concerning each of their projects every Friday. While monthly retainer package clients will receive a weekly updates emails about the state of their projects, including a time sheet with the number of hours used in that week.

There is an optional monthly Skype call for the monthly retainer package, where we discuss clients objectives, priorities and potential ideas for the future.

Update emails, Skype call are also available for hourly rate clients and will largely depends on the scope of their projects.

Payments Method

Payments can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal. But if you wish to pay with a different payment method, please kindly let me know before making any payments. 

Invoicing And Payment

All clients will receive an invoice with a 30 days payment period at the beginning of a new month.

The monthly retainer package clients invoice is always a month in advance of the hours while the hourly rate clients will also receive at the beginning of the month, based on the number of the hours worked in the previous month. 

Please all clients should kindly note that, if the payment is not receive before or on the due date, i am entitled to charge an additional late payment fee of 5% of the initial invoice. If after 14 days delayed, the invoice is now over due, service will be suspended until the payment is received.

Referral Bonus

Client who refer a new client will be rewarded with a discount of 10% on one invoice. The discount will take effect after the new client first payment.

Holidays And Absence

I will not be available for work on the following days;

  • Christmas Day to New Year Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Independence Day

If for emergency reasons or vacation period i will not be available; all clients will receive a notice at least 30 days in advance. 

And also if you as a client will not be available  for a long period of time, please kindly notify me at least 14 days in advance. 


Making a positive contribution to the environment we all live in, i keep paper use at a minimum. All invoices are sent via email and not printed on any paper document.

Policy And Price Changes

I RESERVE THE RIGHT to change this policy and the price of my services. Occasionally i may update this policy and i will notify all clients if there are any significant changes. And in case of a change in price, clients will receive a 30 days notice before any changes becomes effective. 

Privacy And Confidentiality

When it comes to client`s privacy, we attach very great importance to it, so therefore information will never be disclosed, rented, lone, leased or sold to a third parties or made public without the rightful permission, unless i am legally obliged to do so.

Personal data or information that i receive via this website, newsletter subscription and any kind of information from and about clients are kept confidential. I strive to help my clients and anyone interested in my services as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The data and information I receive will therefore only be used to optimize or improve the services that I offer. Some non personal data about my website visitors is collected automatically; e.g. name of the Internet service provider and web browser, which pages are visited and length of time spent on each page. The identity of visitors remains anonymous, unless they manually submit information on the website.

All passwords are encrypted and I work with Internet security and virus protection. 

Agreement And Termination

All clients will be ask to sign an agreement to protect our work relationship, work will only commence when you as a client has read, understood and signed the agreement.

The agreement is non binding agreement and dose not oblige any of us to commit to a long term partnership, either any of us is free to terminate the work relationship.

All monthly retainer package clients, is requested to send a notice of termination at least 30 days in advance if they wish to terminate the work relationship. Please kindly note that there will be no refunds without a 30 days advance notice of termination.