Who is Emmanuel Matthew?

I am full time internet junkie, a self motivated and proficient person, a digital entrepreneur; or i would say internet has always been my thing.

For many years have always help individuals to solve their problem concerning the internet, so that lead me to purse a career in the digital world. Over the years have learn how to design a full functional business website, online store and Facebook marketing.

My love for helping people made me venture into the virtual assistant industry, Although the virtual assistant industry has been a good one for me, because it Challenge me to carry out different task for different clients. Each task that i work on always gives me the chance and an opportunity  to share my skills and talents.

Since i venture into the VA career; i love everything i do, so that lead me to start up my virtual assistant business (The Virtual Global). The many-sided character of the VA profession is also the character I see in myself. I am a visual person and an active planner, have detailed ideas and a goal-oriented mind that is eager to step into your business.